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[Workplace analytics] Can meeting titles be variales?

I am wondering if I can use meeting titles entered into the Outlook calendar as one of the data inputs to workplace analytics.

Let's say our sales team has the rule to put a customer's name in front of all external meeting titles.
(e.g. "[X manufacturing] weekly call with Mr. Smith")
Using workplace analytics, can we analyze things like the following?
- # meetings a sales personnel has conducted with a customer from a particular company
- percentage of time spent for each customer company (e.g. 20% for X manufacturing, 30% for Y corp, etc. )

Thank you!

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Hi @Alexa-1513

According to this link: Meeting queries
you may use the meeting's subject as a variable in the filter to specify the meetings in the result, as well as organizer, attendee.

And for further analysis, you may custom the metric to specify the data you need.
Here is also a link for your reference: Customize query metrics

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Hi @Alexa-1513

Just checking in to see if above information was helpful.
Please let us know if you would like further assistance.

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