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Not able to create a debug connection with managed private endpoint

When attempting to debug a managed private endpoint flow, we see the following error:

The SQL server has an existing private endpoint that works as expected from an onprem IR, however when using the preview feature, it fails. If you open up the firewall to not deny connection, it succeeds.

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Hi @NagendraMishr-9305,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Platform.

As per our earlier discussion, Product team is involved in working with the customer about the issue. We are waiting to hear back from customer for further engagement.

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Hi @NagendraMishr-9305,

As discussed, Product team would like to assist further and awaiting response from the Customer. Please let us know for further assistance on the same, kindly share if resolution is found.

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What this question answered? Is it possible to run debugging with Azure Data Factory when connecting to Azure SQL Private Endpoints? The only that way we have been able to get debugging to work was by allowing access from all Azure services.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated!

Thank you

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