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Hello all. I (rookie) have an Azure DevOps project and have created a Service Connection to an Azure subscription using an Auth Method of Service Principal(Manual). The Service Principal has been given 'Contributor' permissions to the subscription. In the subscription is an Azure SQL Database whereas I want to be able to update the schema. FluentMigrator is the tool being used to do this from DevOps. Migrate.exe is being used for the db update but I ran into a roadblock with the sql connection string. The error i get when doing the deploy is "No mapping between account names and security IDs was done." I am assuming that when the migrate.exe command runs, it runs using the context of the ServicePrincipal defined in the ServiceConnection. Does that happen? I'm trying to avoid using an ID and password in the SQL connection string. Is this possible using one of the sql connection string Authentication connection properties? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Azure SQL Database
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    You can get the access token and use that when connections.