Grand total issue when selecting current period.

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After processing multidimensional cube the data exported to the 'Excel pivot'. In that pivot when selecting the [time calculation][Current period] the unique month is showing the total 10 years count. But I'm filtering only current year 8 months.

Below is the calculation

Scope([Time Calculation].[Current Period],[String].[String Hierarchy].allmembers, [Key Figure].[Key Figure Long Name].allmembers);
THIS = (Measures.currentMember,[Time Accounting Period].[Accounting Month Hierarchy].currentMember);
End Scope;


2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Grand total
10 20 10 30 40 110

My Issue when filtering
2011 2014 2015 Grand total
10 30 40 110

But the Grand total is '80'

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