In Visual Studio 2019, how can I disable the peek that happens after using a quick action/refactor, such as Create Declaration/Definition for a class function?

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I have some classes that I am refactoring to fit in with our newer coding standards. A few of the quick action and refactoring options have been very helpful. However, since I am making these changes, more or less, in bulk, I'd like the "peek" at the changed code to be disabled (for now, at least). How can I do that? It's taking me longer since each time I make a change, as I need to scroll over and close the peek window each and every time.

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  1. Michael Taylor 51,341 Reputation points

    You don't need to close the peek window. It goes away once you apply the change (at least for C#).

    C++ doesn't expose all the same options that some other languages have but if you go to the Tools\Options you can search for Preview and see all the settings. Nothing shows up that really relates to the specific behavior you're talking about beyond the standard Preview tab behavior.

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  2. jbpend 1 Reputation point

    What I see, using C++, is like the window that opens if I use Alt-F12 or right click and select Peek Definition. In this case, I don't want it to peek after the other action. I don't see any "Preview" options that seem to be related to this. as you said.