Bug/Defect in Microsoft Teams: On following steps host is displayed his laptop screen is getting shared but screen shared is additional screen, laptop screen gets border notifying laptop screen is getting shared to user

Swapnil Kharatmal 1 Reputation point


  1. Along with laptop add 2 more additional screens
  2. Keep additional screen in number 1 , number 2 as laptop screen and number 3 as one more additional screen
  3. Now close the laptop lid ,let screen 1 and 3 only display content on screen
  4. start screen sharing and select screen 3 to share in Microsoft teams
  5. Now while screen 3 is shared open the laptop screen

Note that shared screen border is displayed on laptop screen but screen getting shared is additional screen of 3rd number.

Bug : Screen highlighter/border gets moved to laptop screen on opening the laptop screen, due to which host gets confused thinking which screen is getting shared.
Note : on opening laptop lid, screen border moves to laptop screen , but content is getting shared of additional screen, causing confusion.

please get in touch incase any details are required.

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