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Net Core 3.1 crash with error code 0x80131904


We have a Service API application developed in net core 3.1 crashes often.

We need to reset the application pool after the crash in order to restart. This has been long running issue and bit a tough nut to crack
In application log, we cannot able to log any particular exceptions during the crash but in windows log (event viewer) we can find only these two errors. Please remember the application works fine all the day and at some point of time it crashes.

Application: PropostaOrdine_WebApi.exe
CoreCLR Version: 4.700.21.35901
.NET Core Version: 3.1.18
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the pre-login handshake. (provider: SSL Provider, error: 0 - The wait operation timed out.)
---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (258): The wait operation timed out.
at System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionPool.TryGetConnection(DbConnection owningObject, UInt32 waitForMultipleObjectsTimeout, Boolean allowCreate, Boolean onlyOneCheckConnection, DbConnectionOptions userOptions, DbConnectionInternal& connection)
at System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionPool.TryGetConnection(DbConnection owningObject, TaskCompletionSource`1 retry, DbConnectionOptions userOptions, DbConnectionInternal& connection)
at System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionFactory.TryGetConnection(DbConnection owningConnection, TaskCompletionSource`1 retry, DbConnectionOptions userOptions, DbConnectionInternal oldConnection, DbConnectionInternal& connection)
at System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionInternal.TryOpenConnectionInternal(DbConnection outerConnection, DbConnectionFactory connectionFactory, TaskCompletionSource`1 retry, DbConnectionOptions userOptions)
at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.TryOpen(TaskCompletionSource`1 retry)
at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.Open()
at PropostaOrdine_Core.Threads.Istanze.Thread_AggiornaMinimoFornitori.Esegui() in C:\SVN\Progetti\Sede\PropostaOrdini\PropostaOrdine_Core\Threads\Istanze\Thread_AggiornaMinimoFornitori.cs:line 42
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()
Error Number:258,State:0,Class:20

Faulting application name: PropostaOrdine_WebApi.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x60ef187c
Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.14393.4350, time stamp: 0x606eafeb
Exception code: 0xe0434352
Fault offset: 0x0000000000034f38
Faulting process id: 0x41f0
Faulting application start time: 0x01d7b97c177efa7d
Faulting application path: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Kestrel\PropostaOrdine_WebApi\PropostaOrdine_WebApi.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll
Report Id: c2acac76-a49a-49cb-afe6-d5452555a836
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:


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Hi @Holysmokes-6260,

I suggest you could try to check the System logs also and check the WAS to find there is any error message which is related with Crash. Like why the WAS stopped the application.

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No. we actually moved to Kestrel thinking that it could resolve the problem. Any way I searched in system logs and I could not find anything. Is there any other chance of trapping this error because it is systematic.

Many thanks,

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According to your description, I suggest you could try to use debug dialog to capture a dump file and then use debug dialog analysis to analysis this dump file. More details about how to use it, you could refer to this article.

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