Change owner dns record using powershell

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I would like to change many owner dns record in order to replace it by their object name computer using powershell.
Please does someone can help me, or have any script which can do this?
Or allow full control the computer name object for their each dns record via powershell.
Thank you by advance.

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  1. Rich Matheisen 36,331 Reputation points

    Are you trying to fix inconsistent permissions so dynamic DNS updates are allowed to be made by the computer account?

    Here's one: Resolve-DdnsRecordPermissionProblem.ps1

  2. Limitless Technology 37,611 Reputation points


    additional clarifying question would be if you are trying to remove from the DNS lists some current computer owner so you see the sid info as the current owner? And you like to replace it to computer_name.

    Import-Module D:\Powershell\DNS\DnsShell
    Import-Module ActiveDirectory
    Add-PSSnapin Quest.ActiveRoles.ADManagement

    Retrieve records

    $servers = get-content D:\Powershell\Scripts\DNSRECORDS.txt
    $newarray = @()
    foreach ($computer in $servers) {
    Get-ADDnsPartition | Get-ADDnsRecord | Where-Object {$.Name -eq $Computer} | % {
    $RecordName = $
    $RecordName = "GTLAW\$RecordName" + '$'
    $RecordDN = (Get-ADObject –Identity $.ObjectGUID).DistinguishedName
    $Owner = (Get-Acl -Path "ActiveDirectory:://RootDSE/$RecordDN").Owner
    If ($Owner -eq "$RecordName") {
    Write-Host 'Good |' $
    .Name '|' $Owner
    } Else {
    Write-Host 'Bad |' $.Name '|' $RecordName $Owner
    $AdACL = get-ACL ("AD:\" + $RecordDN)
    $ADobject = New-Object System.Security.Principal.NTAccount($
    .NAME + "$")
    $sid = $ADobject.Translate([System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier])
    set-acl -path ("AD:\" + $RecordDN) -AclObject $AdACL

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