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Exchange 2019 ECP redirects to Exchange 2013

Hello Folks,

I'm quite a newbee to being a System Admin so I'm asking help about this issue. So we have a Hybrid setup for our Exchange and Office365, now all users have been migrated to cloud and the old Exchange 2013 server is now turned off and is prepped for decomissioning. They asked me to create a new Exchange 2019 server for the whole purpose of management (since it is a hybrid setup) my problem is ,everytime I access ECP on the new exchange it throws an error "HTTP ERROR 500" - this keeps happening unless I turned on the old exchange 2013 server. So if I turned on the old exchange - I can login just fine but that is using the link "https://exch-mgmt/ecp/?ExchClientVer=15"

My question is, how do I get rid of the old server, and make sure I can just login right away using "Https://exch-mgmt/ecp" (this is my new Exch2019 server) and without turning on the old Exchange 2013.


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Hi @KennethCagatcagat-0291

Have you moved the mailbox from exchange 2013 to exchange 2019? According to my experience, if you log in to the ecp via a account located in old server that has been turned off, we may encounter "HTTP ERROR 500" error, please ensure that you have logged in to a correct account.

If that's not your case, in order to further confirm your issue and avoid any errors in your URL and DNS setting, it's recommended to check if you set the same EcpVirturalDirectory URL in exchange 2013 and 2019 via Get-EcpVirtualDirectory cmdlet. As I know, the issue may occur when you set the incorrect DNS record for exchange 2019, please check if the DNS record was pointed to the correct IP address.

If your issue has any update, please feel free to post back.

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Thank you for your reply @JadeLiang-MSFT .

The Active users with mailboxes has been migrated to Office365 so they show in ECP, as "Office36" there are couple of non-active users though with mailboxes still active but all of those are now disabled in ECP. So in ECP, only users with Mailbox Type = Office365 remains due to our hybrid setup. My management account doesn't have a mailbox, it is just a plain domain admin account.

As for the DNS, my old exchange hostname is Exchange2013 while the new one is Exch-mgmt . They have different url iin EcpVirtualDirectory and I can confirm that.

I only want to get rid of the old Exchange2013 server and use Exchange2019 plainly but, I cannot login to ECP without the old one.


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Hi @KennethCagatcagat-0291

Thanks for your update.

As I know, for the environment where exchange 2019 and 2013 coexist, we need to work with ""https://exch-mgmt/ecp/?ExchClientVer=15.2" to point to the ecp in exhange 2019. It's recommended to first log in to ecp via this link to check if it could work normally there.

If the issue still exists, I noticed that you logged in to ecp with a domian admin account. Have you moved the arbitration mailbox from exchange 2013 to exchange 2019? If not, the issue may occur when you log in to the ecp with a domain admin account and the arbitration mailboxes were in Exchange 2013. In this case, it's recommended to follow these steps to move arbitration mailbox to exchange 2019 to check:

Hope that would be helpful to you.

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Thank you for your continued support. I will give that a shot.

Also a question. If a forcely remove the Exchange2013 server using this article Will that resolved my problem completely? Because technically it won't be looking for the old exchange anymore? I don't need to worry about the mailboxes as we are already in Office365. Or will it still affect our distribution lists, dg's if I forcely removed it without proper exchange uninstallation?


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Hi @KennethCagatcagat-0291

Thanks for your reply. Have you tired to access to ECP via the link above or move the arbitration mailbox for testing now?

Please understand that removing Exchange from ADSI is not an officially supported method, for your issue, we recommend you to first try to move the arbitration mailbox to check.

Also, if you still would like to uninstall the exchange server, it's recommended to first check all mailbox(including Arbitration mailbox and Monitoring mailbox) and then uninstall it via powershell or Add/Remove Programs in control panel. Here is a relevant thread, for your reference: Correctly uninstall Exchange 2013

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Hi @KennethCagatcagat-0291

I am writing to see how everything is going on with this thread. Please let us know if the provided suggestion is helpful or if you need any further assistance.

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Hello @JadeLiang-MSFT

I appreciate your replies on this thread. I have followed carefully your advise and fixed the problem. I moved the remaining mailboxes to the new DB, uninstall the old exchange correctly and everything is working as supposed to now.

Thank you so much.

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