Anybody know the answer to the Error I get occasionally on my Pavillion Gaming Laptop? 0xc000007b.

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Okay, so. Long Story. Occasionally, and only Occasionally. I'll come across a Game that I'll buy and download... say from Steam or even from the Internet somewhere, and try to play it. Usually Japanese games.

I'll occasionally come across "Error 0xc000007b" and how I can't even start up the game because of it.

Now. I've already looked this up, and seen a few forums and questions from people who had similar issues with this error. Then responses from several people. Even Microsoft with solutions. I've done, practically, each and EVERY single one of these "Solutions" and NONE of them have fixed my issue. Some say it's an issue with the Drivers. Some say it's a corrupted Driver such as "XInput1_4.dll" or something along those lines. Some would say it's an C++ 2012 error. Some would say it's a problem when you update from an earlier version of Windows.

Each of these with people offering up solutions. None of which worked. I have even downloaded, repaired, and tried to replace files with some that would quote "work", but none do.

It should be brought up again that this is an occasional issue. Not all games come across this. Most of the time. The game works. However some games run into it, forcing me to not even be able to enjoy the game I bought, and I know it's not a developer issue because others don't run into these problems usually with those said games. It just sucks that it happens with what feels like every 1/10 games.

I am on Windows 10, and have been since I got this Gaming Laptop.

Lastly, I should point out I have a Gaming Laptop, which was bought pre-built from walmart. An HP gaming laptop with pretty nice specs. Something that at least for me, isn't even 1 year old yet. Some would say I shouldn't use a Laptop anyway for gaming, however this Laptop was built with the intent to Game. Which it does pretty good when it wants to work. Most high end games with heavy graphics work like a charm on it without lag at all. When the Laptop wants to work and play a game, it will, but when it doesn't usually it's this 0xc000007b error.

It should also be mentioned that I have an older much cheaper laptop that isn't meant for gaming that all of these games that have issues work on. However, like I said that one isn't meant for gaming, and thus the games run like trash on it. Even though they work on that one, I don't want to play them on that one. I want to play them on this one, where I know it'll work better. Problem is, I can't.

So I know, for a fact that the old Windows 10 Laptop has something on it that allows it to work, something that this one does not have.

If you need any more information on what my specs are, or anything else. Please ask and run me through how I would get that info for you. I'll be honest I'm not the smartest with what I have and how to tell what I have without instructions.

What I do know is in specific is the box says its a "HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop PC". It's the one with a green neon lighted Keyboard.

Sorry this question was long and felt like me ranting, but quite honestly I'm growing tired of dealing with this error. I've tried fixing it several times over the span of the year I've owned this computer when it pops up. Nothing works. I haven't messed anything else up trying to fix it. I make sure I'm careful when I do those things. Keeping backups of old files if people's solutions say to replace something, just in case. If it doesn't work I usually put the old file back.

Something else I do know is it says I do have a "Corrupted" driver after using the Command Prompt once before to scan everything. Specifically the System32 "XInput1_4.dll" file that I can't seem to replace or do anything with no matter what. If it happens to be this, please guide me on how to fix that.

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  1. Limitless Technology 39,496 Reputation points

    Hello KevinBlackwell,

    I have seen that issue, and from your very well described post, there is the meaningful intake of this being an issue specific of your branded laptop. I am sure you are aware that these laptops usually come with OEM versions of Windows, meaning that the distribution of that OS has been retouched and repacked by the manufacturer of the hardware. This includes also specific versions of libraries and runtimes that might not be overwritten by Windows Update later.

    My first proposal would be:
    -run an image repair with DISM:
    -reinstall DirectX from: (run installer As Administrator)
    -then try to run one of the failing games with the option "Run as Administrator"


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  2. MotoX80 32,736 Reputation points

    Looks to me like everyone is just guessing at a solution. I'd suggest trying to find some real evidence of the error. Start with the Application and System eventlogs. When an app crashes does it generate any entries in those logs?

    The "usual suspects" tend to be vendor specific drivers. Typically hardware vendors like Dell and HP have functionality similar to a Windows Update where you can check to see that you have the latest firmware and drivers installed. That's normally a good place to start because, in theory, any outstanding problems should be fixed with the latest updates.

    In settings search for Reliability History. Do the errors show up here? Anything in "View technical details"?