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Azure Functions Runtime is unreachable


I have deployed some functions via azure function app for python under consumption plan. For the last week they were working fine as expected. However the past 2 days there have been some problems.

Now I keep getting issues where the functions will show "Azure Functions Runtime is unreachable" and following this they return 503 errors for any request sent. Furthermore there are no logs at all for these 503 errors so I cant debug. These issues may go away for a while when redeploying but then it happens again. It is making the service unusable since often at least one of them is not working.

What is going on here? It was working just fine for a few weeks. Now it is not usable.

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Working with @Basil-4238 offline to troubleshoot this issue

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@MughundhanRaveendran-MSFT , I am also facing same issue. Azure function app has any underlying issues?

Please keep me posted as well for this issues. We are currently blocked, because of this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

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@RoopashreeChennapa-3595 ,

Please look into my answer provided in the below thread.

If this doesnt help, feel free to comment here. I will help you out

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