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Azure Migrate Minimum Permissions to review Dependency Visualisation

Hi, what are the minimum permissions required in Azure Migrate to evaluate the Dependency Visualisations.

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Hello @MarvellousTinasheChimboza-0091 - Thanks for reaching out.

There are two ways of setting up dependency visualizations.
- Agent based Visualization
- Agent less visualization

  • For Agent Based Visualization :
    • Review the support and deployment requirements for agent-based dependency analysis for:

    • Servers in VMware environment

    • Physical servers

    • Servers in Hyper-V environment

    • Make sure you:

    • Have an Azure Migrate project. If you don't, create one now.

    • Check that you've added the Azure Migrate: Discovery and assessment tool to the project.

    • Set up an Azure Migrate appliance to discover on-premises servers. The appliance discovers on-premises servers, and sends metadata and performance data to
      Azure Migrate: Discovery and assessment. Set up an appliance for:

    • Servers in VMware environment

    • Servers in Hyper-V environment

    • Physical servers

    • To use dependency visualization, you associate a Log Analytics workspace with an Azure Migrate project:

    • You can attach a workspace only after setting up the Azure Migrate appliance, and discovering servers in the Azure Migrate project.

    • Make sure you have a workspace in the subscription that contains the Azure Migrate project.

    • The workspace must reside in the East US, Southeast Asia, or West Europe regions. Workspaces in other regions can't be associated with a project.

    • The workspace must be in a region in which Service Map is supported.

    • You can associate a new or existing Log Analytics workspace with an Azure Migrate project.

    • You attach the workspace the first time that you set up dependency visualization for a server. The workspace for an Azure Migrate project can't be modified after
      it's added.
      • In Log Analytics, the workspace associated with Azure Migrate is tagged with the Migration Project key, and the project name.

  • For Agent Less Visualization :

  • Ensure that you have created a project with the Azure Migrate:Discovery and assessment tool added to it.

  • Review VMware requirements to perform dependency analysis.

  • Review appliance requirements before setting up the appliance.

  • Review dependency analysis requirements before enabling dependency analysis on servers.

Also please take a look at the below docs for more reference :

  1. concepts-dependency-visualization

  2. how-to-create-group-machine-dependencies

  3. how-to-create-group-machine-dependencies-agentless

Hope this helps.

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Maybe my question was not clear, we have already done that - but the customer will not give us access to their tenant - if they do it will be a least-privileged account. So I just wanted to confirm if a Reader Account is going to be sufficient to review the produced dependency maps?

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@MarvellousTinasheChimboza-0091 - Check to see if the below link helps resolve your query.

The read-only account needs privileges enabled for Virtual Machines > Guest Operations, in order to interact with the servers to collect dependency data.
You need a user account so that Azure Migrate can access the server to collect dependency data. Learn about account requirements for Windows and Linux servers.

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@MarvellousTinasheChimboza-0091 - Did the above answer help resolve your query?

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