Azure B2C - Facebook Signup asks for Profile picture instead of email (Custom Policy)


have a B2C custom policy that uses Facebook as an IDP. My policy asks FB for name, email etc. However, when a user signs up throug Facebook, FB displays that the name and profile picture is required. I have not specified profile picture in my policy. What am i missing? Below is a screenshot of what I see on FB ![Here][1] Below is the a snippet of my facebook configuration in my custom policy <ClaimsProvider> <DisplayName>Sign in with Facebook</DisplayName> <TechnicalProfiles> <TechnicalProfile Id="Facebook-OAUTH"> <DisplayName>Sign in with Facebook</DisplayName> <Metadata> <Item Key="client_id">{Settings:FacebookAppId}</Item> <Item Key="scope">email public_profile</Item> <Item Key="ClaimsEndpoint">,first_name,last_name,name,email</Item> </Metadata> <OutputClaims> <OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="email" PartnerClaimType="email" /> </OutputClaims> </TechnicalProfile> </TechnicalProfiles> </ClaimsProvider> [1]: /api/attachments/138611-7bkau.png?platform=QnA

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