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Site is crawled but Not indexed - Crushlist error..

My site named as

Site is crawled but it is not in the Bing index
I created my Bing webmaster account a year ago. I have 5 sites, and only my personal site is not indexed. Even a site that I sent yesterday to Bing is indexed.

In the reports for the last 2 months, I have 130 "Pages Crawled" and 0 (zero!) "Appeared in Search".

My site has a very good Google ranking and earlier it was working very amazing with bing as well, but I can't understand why I'm not in Bing.

I have already email, the support team as per them, as well system didn't index my site.
Actually he mentioned there is problem with bingbot it is not indexing.
i sent him a screenshot that it is indexing.
then, he mentioned spamping block
i sent him another screenshot 0 spamming score. but, my website only have like 98 page.
Now he sent me a screenshot where in reason seems like crushlist. i did lots of research over on it. but, i havn't found similar for this reason. So, how am I know what is the reason? For your guys reference please check the attachment of being the reason. why not index.


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@ShoaibKarni-0545 Thanks for posting the question . This tag azure-bing-web is used to address issues related to bing web search API which is an Azure resource to integrate bing search with user applications.
This scenario seems to be related to bing webmaster tools which is actually addressed by bing webmaster support options. But, I hope the query can be answered by other members in the community who faced a similar scenario. Thanks.

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