Difference between - translator detect vs text analytics detect

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I can see Translator and Text Analytics have Detect method. Would you know which one is recommended to use, are they the same? Which one is more reliable?

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    @Andrius Urbelis The detect method or API in both the case are used to detect the language passed in the request. Both of them have the same functionality but in different contexts as the response includes the detected language but the translator detect API provides the language detected and the ability of the translator API to translate/transliterate to other languages.

            "language": "de",  
            "score": 1.0,  
            "isTranslationSupported": true,  
            "isTransliterationSupported": false  

    Detect response from text analytics API simply provides the detected language and the score.

     "documents": [{  
     "id": "1",  
     "detectedLanguage": {  
     "name": "English",  
     "iso6391Name": "en",  
     "confidenceScore": 1  
     "warnings": []  
     "errors": [],  
     "modelVersion": "2020-04-01"  

    The usage of both these APIs are primarily for scenarios to detect the language and perform other operations like translate, transliterate or provide entititles, keyphrases in the text. In some of the APIs of both these services the language is also auto-detected.

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