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Teams Room freezes on Zoom calls

I have a Yealink MVC400 running Microsoft Teams Room which I use for Teams and Zoom meetings. On the whole it works very well but occassionally, during a Zoom meeting, it freezes on the monitor and all the videos of attendees disappear and don’t come back. I am usually signed into the meeting with my laptop, at the same time, and there is no loss of connection with that.

The Teams App is version and Windows is version 10.0.19042.1237 and fully patched.

Can anybody suggest how to resolve this issue?



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Hi @DavidEwer-9871

Do you mean your screen will freeze when you organize the Zoom meeting in Teams meeting Room?

Have you tried to restart the device and schedule the meeting again?

Microsoft Teams Rooms does not support HDCP input, which has been observed to cause issues with HDMI ingest functionality (video, audio). Please take care to ensure that switches connected to Microsoft Teams Rooms have HDCP options turned off.

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It has been a while, how is everything going?
If you have any update about this issue, please feel free to post back.

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Hi Jimmy

Thanks for coming back to me. The screen freezes while in the middle of a Zoom meeting in a Teams Meeting Room. I have checked with the switch manufacturer and they have confirmed that no facility exists for HDCP so there is nothing to enable or disable.

Kind regards


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So could you join Teams meeting normally when using Teams meeting Room? Considering your issue is also related to zoom meeting, we also recommend you contact the zoom supporter to check if there is any related to error message from it.

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