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Azure Backup Server Move Disk Storage stuck for over a day

One of my disk storages is full so I used the move disk storage function to try move one to the other but it has been stuck for over a day and I see no read/write in the disk overview.

Why is this?


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@SA12356-3716 - Sorry for the delayed response and for the inconvenience this must have caused!

Are you talking about the disk in the storage pool?

What steps did you follow to move the disk?

Am assuming this issue is not related to Azure backup server. I might be wrong, appreciate if you could provide more details?

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The volumes i am trying to move are from my protected assets, im trying to move them because they are failing to back up because the disk is full. I tried to click move disk storage but it is stuck.

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You might want to check with Windows team for assistance with this issue.

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