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VSTS 2019 Webtest Recorded Response error

We are in process of migrating our webtests from VSTS 2013 to VSTS 2019. While opening the recorded response log of a freshly recorded script we are seeing below issue in a pop up message.

Cannot access a disposed object. Object name : 'VirtualTreeHeaderControl'

Please let us know if anyone is familiar with this error

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Hi, @Navjot-6680
Are you using TFS/DevOps?(Visual Studio Team Services)

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Hi PengGe-MSFT,

Thanks for replying.
I am just using Visual Studio Test suite for load testing purpose and not connected to TFS. Is there any way to confirm it.?

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Hi, @Navjot-6680
Your issue is currently not supported in the Q&A forums, the supported products are listed over here: (more to be added later on).
For the related questions you can ask in or

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