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Custom Drop Down in Outlook Ribbon

Hello! I've copied general code into the VBA to open my email templates. My problem is some are humongous and I would like to add more. So does anyone have any code that creates/forces a drop down list on the ribbon in the latest version of Outlook that I can put the template buttons on? I have Windows 10 and Outlook is installed on my computer (not used online).

I've searched this forum for similar code but I haven't found anything for Outlook, I'm probably not searching the correct terminology. I get the general idea of VBA code and can usually see what I need to fill in with my information, but I'm totally clueless when it comes to writing it. I've tried to learn it, but it's literally like a foreign language to me. Any help would be very appreciated, thank you!

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I appreciate your suggestion but that's not what I was asking. I already tried your suggestion awhile ago and I want to eliminate steps to make it quicker because I use the templates quite often. So, can you please answer the question I asked about?

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So nobody can answer this question?

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