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Relationship Diagram with Excel VBA

Hello Experts,

I am trying to create a complex relationship diagram in Excel or any other Microsoft Tool available.

A short and simple version of data is below:


I want three boxes for Heading Column.

And Money out arrows from "Checking Account" (as its "Yes" in Money Link Out) towards "Savings Account" and "Individual" (as its "Yes" in Money Link In)

Likewise Wire out arrows from "Savings Account" and "Individual" Account towards other two Account Types (as all three has "Yes" in Wire In.


The blue arrow is for Money Link. The yellow arrow is for Wire.

There can be more Accounts/boxes. There can be more relationship types (apart from Money Link and Wire). And I want it to be dynamic such that if we change Yes/No in the base data, it reflects in diagram automatically.

Hope there is some solution which I can make dynamic by choosing Yes/No from Data Validation Dropdowns and the effect is given in the diagram/chart in the tool.

Anticipating some solutions.

Thanks and Regards,


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