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windows defender network inspection cpu usage

i have a server with both crowdstrike falcon sensor installed and windows defender real-time protection running. This has been the situation for months and is how all our servers are running without issue. However over the last few days i have 1 server which is running at 100% CPU, and looking at the server its the "windows defender av network inspection service" nissrv.exe. If i disable and enable real-time protection, then it comes back and behaves as expected for a random amount of time then it starts using CPU again.

ive looked and cant find any logs that are telling me what its doing so im a bit lost with being able to troubleshoot it, i dont want to just turn it off because i feel there could be an underlying threat/issue that i just dont have any visibility of.

Is there any troubleshooting that i can do to get to the root cause?

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