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Can't connect to MySQL database using a specific user - Servername resolved to an unknow IP address


I have the same issue here and don't know how to do. I use the service Azure Database for MySQL server.
My database is only on a private network.

I created a user and when I try to connect with it using the format username@servername, Keycloak (I use it for authentication), is giving me a NO with something unusual, the format username@IP. But the IP that is giving to me is not the IP address of the server !

The IP address of the server :
The IP I have :

I already checked, this IP don't exist at all.


I don't understand from where this IP come from and I tried everything I can, nothing is working.
The strange thing is that I can connect with MySQL Workbench using this specific user. It's really using Keycloak that I have this resolving of my server name to the IP

I put here the server name : ex-integration-db1

Hope there is nothing to do with characters or anything linked to it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @davidamadou-9626,
Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!
By looking at the error message it looks like authentication issue at Keycloak end. Did you check this IP if this is related to Keycloak server ?


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Hi @davidamadou-9626,
We haven't heard back from you. Just wanted to check if you are you still facing the issue? In case If you already found a solution, would you please share it here with the community? Otherwise, let us know and we will continue to engage with you on the issue.


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Hi @davidamadou-9626,
Please let me know if you still needs help on this issue.


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