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How to connect and communicated with legacy Handheld ActiveSync based instruments in Windows 10 using Mobile Device Management


We are in the business of Sales, Marketing, and technical support of Test & Measurement Devices.

Our firm has recently taken an AMC with a big firm with a huge number of legacy testing instruments.

Now, these instruments were designed to communicate with 3rd party software running in legacy Windows Operating Systems with help of Active Sync. Later on, the firm who had the AMC earlier, managed to make some of these instruments communicate with Windows 7 using WMDC as well.

However, our client has now upgraded all its laptops / PCs to Windows 10. In fact, they might be moving to Windows 11 sooner than later. There is no domain environment in our client's premises. All PCs and laptops are stand-alone systems.

Problem is, we cannot replace these legacy instruments with new ones. We have to now ensure that these Test & Measurement instruments should be able to communicate with Software installed in Windows 10 in same way as they used to do in earlier windows - without any problem. Some software have been upgraded as well, and they now work on Windows 10 MDM.

Any pointer towards any utility (including 3rd party) any app/software or any document with some "how-to-do-it" kind of instructions, or any other thing which can help me in achieving this goal will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,
Manoj Kumar.

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