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Authentication for Web APP

Hi All

I am facing one issue after the Azure AD was updated. Firstly, the app registered under Azure AD B2C can not be recognized by the web app in Azure tenant. We just needed to fill in the client ID and Issuer URL before the new version of AAD rolled out. The B2C was already linked to my subscription and displayed in my resource group

The error was
Unable to resolve app registration name from registered application ID

may I have your support on this ?

Thank you very much

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Hi @LNUFNU-2662 , have you tried manually registering the application? This should fix the issue. If not please let me know and I can look into this further.


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Hello James

thank you very much for your help.

It used to work well before the seemingly update of AAD. Before update, the app registered under AAD B2C can be recognized / connected by the authentication of WebApp in the normal tenant.

I did not see any problems before the update.

By the way, the user flow can not be changed (always sign-in and sign-up) in AAD, no option for selecting the more templates, such as password rest.

Could you please investigate it?

thank you


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Hi @LNUFNU-2662 , sorry for the delay in response! So did registering the app manually not fix the issue or it did? For the sign up and sign in, you have to create that first before anything else. You can't reset a password if it doesn't exist, for example.


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Hi @JamesHamil-MSFT

It still does not work.. the one registered under B2C tenant can not be seen through the tenant of AAD.

The screenshots posted here are what I did before. I previously get the authentication to working for WebAPP in this way.... As I realized that there could be one upgrade for AAD, after having this, the authentication in WebAPP does not work, even though what you filled in is all correct. Please kindly have a look at the screenshots (Authentication of WebAPP and Details of Authentication). You also could be able to have a try from your side to see whether it works or not..

Regarding to the 2nd question about the user flow, Since the the connection between AAD and B2C can not be established, we will need to register the APP under the tenant of AAD through the external identity. when you create the user flow, you will see the type of that flow can not be changed.. always the sign-in and sign-up ... no other options at all. (pls find the screenshot of External Identity)

If the connection between AAD and B2C can be established, we will not need to configure anything under external identity

hope this helps clarify what the issue is.

any questions, pls feel free to let me know.

Thank you 144362-authentication-of-webapp.jpg144371-details-of-authentication.jpg144314-external-identities.jpg

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