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Overloaded Template Functions not recognized in VS2019

I have Overloaded Template functions
template< class T, class A1 >
typename boost::detail::sp_if_not_array< T >::type make_shared( A1 const & a1 )
template< class T, class A, class A1 >
typename boost::detail::sp_if_not_array< T >::type make_shared( A const & a, A1 const & a1 )

When I am declaring member functions I am getting error as below

friend boost::shared_ptr<BasicMessage> boost::make_shared<BasicMessage>(std::string const& a1);
friend boost::shared_ptr<BasicMessage> boost::make_shared<BasicMessage>(amqp_bytes_t_ const& a1, amqp_basic_properties_t_* const& a2);

Error C2063 'boost::make_shared': not a function

The same code is working fine in VS2010.

Please help me in resolving this

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Thanks for taking time to report this problem with us. Since your question is more related to boost, you could go to SO for support.

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The second function - the one taking two parameters - is called allocate_shared, not make_shared

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Thank you for the reply. I have copied the wrong code earlier.
In both the cases I am calling make_shared( ) only.

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