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Windows.Phone.PhoneContract.winmd have a conflict

I want to create a uwp release package, but have a question when building.

ILT1307: Assemblies 'D:\Document\SourceCode\passworder-uwp\Passworder\obj\x64\Release\ilc\in\Windows.Phone.PhoneContract.winmd' and 'D:\Document\SourceCode\passworder-uwp\Passworder\obj\x64\Release\ilc\in\WinMetadata\Windows.Phone.PhoneContract.winmd' have conflicting simple names. Passworder

I got info for this issue, it's maybe is NuGet packages, I used this


what should I do?

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Have you used windows mobile extension for uwp sdk ? we can't reproduce your problem, could you mind share repro sample for us?

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