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Authentication to bing ads API for Reports


I am working on a Datawarehouse. It's targeted to request Data from the Bing Ads API to store it in a Database. For the Google Ads API I got a Service Account Key, which I need for requesting the Authentication Token.

In my Research for Bing Ads Api I found out, that I need an App Registration with User Consent. But I read that it's requested to enter the Credentials for the token manuelly.
The goal of my ETL-System is to be automated.
The Token-Generation process is aimed to get with an Azure Function. The Azure Fuction should return the Token to the ETL (DataFactory v2)
I can't imagine, that's the only way to authenticate, please help me.

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Hello @TugayAl-9985,
Thanks for the ask and using Microsoft Q&A platform .

Can you please more details on the API which you are refering ?


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Hello Himanshu,

thank you for answering, I'am refering to the Bings Ads Report API. I just want the Reports


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Additional Information:
- we have a campaign
- we want the data from the campaign (e.g. clicks) -> Reports

Does that help you Himanshu?

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