How to use Generic Repository for SOAP in Xamarin Form

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hi,I used Generic Repository in my sample project in Xamrin form to get data from api. so my question is how can I make the following code Repository for soap webervice to become generic. so that the If you know of an example or a blog post please point me to the right direction

it is my Sample code:

public interface IGenericRepository

Task<T> GetAsync<T>(string uri, string authToken = "");


and impeliment interface:

public class GenericRepository: IGenericRepository

public async Task<T> GetAsync<T>(string uri, string authToken = "")
HttpClient httpClient = CreateHttpClient(uri);
string jsonResult = string.Empty;

        var responseMessage = await Policy
            .Handle<WebException>(ex =>
                Debug.WriteLine($"{ex.GetType().Name + " : " + ex.Message}");
                return true;
                retryAttempt => TimeSpan.FromSeconds(Math.Pow(2, retryAttempt))
            .ExecuteAsync(async () => await httpClient.GetAsync(uri));

        if (responseMessage.IsSuccessStatusCode)
            jsonResult =
                await responseMessage.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().ConfigureAwait(false);
            var json = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<T>(jsonResult);
            return json;

        if (responseMessage.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.Forbidden ||
            responseMessage.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.Unauthorized)
            throw new ServiceAuthenticationException(jsonResult);

        throw new HttpRequestExceptionEx(responseMessage.StatusCode, jsonResult);

    catch (Exception e)
        Debug.WriteLine($"{ e.GetType().Name + " : " + e.Message}");
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