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Radius Server for WiFi Authentication

Hi all,

I've recently trying to use Radius Server for WiFi Authentication.
I've setup as below.

1) Azure AD with radius server setup.
2) Setup Certificate Authority in another server (not the domain controller).
3) GPO setup and linking to correct test OU.
4) Define the policy in Radius server already.

After having these was setup, I use my laptop to try to connect to the WIFI profile that was defined in the GPO as shown below.

However, I couldn't connect it successfully as it keeps showing me "connecting" status.

Does anyone came across setup something like this before?
May I ask for the hints and guidance how to troubleshoot it please?

I also doubt if my certificate would be one of the issue that cause this problem. I see that my certificate is show up in the Domain Controller (the role that contains Radius Server) , but I am not sure if I have to do "request certificate" to make it works.


Many thanks.

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