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I am unable to connect to the Onpremise Oracle database from my Azure

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to connect the Oracle Server hosted on AWS from Purview but scan is failng every time with "Error: (3913) JavaException: Java cannot be found. Please install and add to Path". However, I installed all the prerequites like Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 Update 4, JDK11 and Oracle JDBC driver. Moreover, the test is successful on Microsoft Integration Run time. With slight changes I ran the scan for over 10 times where I got same error every time. Unfortunately. now I am getting error "Internal system error. Please contact support with correlationId:c08758d7-fa68-408e-886a-d76c479bbbc7 System Error, contact support".

Can someone help me to resolve this issue please. Thanks

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In addition to the above, I sent my Integration Run time logs (which has many warnings and errors) through Report Id as 21a9eb0b-07ea-4fd2-b9af-74ae4f6d5ba1.


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I have enabled your support. sorry for the delay.

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