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Bluetooth pairing headphones not working

I have been trying to pair my headphones unsuccessfully (Apple Airpods Pro) and have looped through all the troubleshooting advice that's readily available. I had it working at one point and then stepped away to go to lunch, put my Airpods in their charging case, closed the case and came back after lunch. When I came back after lunch it needed to reconnect (it showed they were still paired). No matter what I did it would not reconnect. I ended up forgetting the device and trying to add the device back through the Bluetooth settings screen. It's been unsuccessful to say the least.

Troubleshooting includes, but probably is not limited to:
- Forgetting the device and trying to add it back.
- Making sure Bluetooth was off on my phone and laptop to not interfere.
- Once that didn't work, I tried running the troubleshooting tool for Bluetooth.
- Uninstalling the device through Device Manager
- Showing the hidden items through Device Manager and uninstalling the greyed out ones.
- Tried a new Bluetooth USB adapter (same brand and make, just thought the first one was faulty)
- Tried different USB ports for my Bluetooth USB adapter
- Toggle Bluetooth on/off
- Making sure services are running
- Restarting computer what seems like a million times
- Cycling through all the above in different orders to try to get it to work.

Once I forgot the device, the closest I came was it recognizing there were "headphones" when trying to add a new device again, clicked Connect, but it never did connect again.

Also, there is an occasional error when running the troubleshooting tool that says the driver needs updating, but I have checked for an update and it is current. Also, my Windows updates are current.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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