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i need information about ms organization access certificate

im writing a research for my collage about ms organization access certificate, so I need a file that has information about this certificate

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@4872840, What specific certificate are you referring to? Could you please elaborate more on your ask?

Since you have posted the question on azure-webapps, just to confirm, are you referring to Azure App service certificates? To receive insights from the targetted audience, I have added (adjust) additional tags.

You may wish to take a look at this FAQ:
What are the MS-Organization-P2P-Access certificates present on our Windows 10 devices?
The MS-Organization-P2P-Access certificates are issued by Azure AD to both, Azure AD joined and hybrid Azure AD joined devices.
These certificates are used to enable trust between devices in the same tenant for remote desktop scenarios. One certificate is issued to the device and another is issued to the user.

There a discussion on similar topic, you may want to take a look it.
More info : Configure intermediate certificates on a computer that's running IIS for server authentication

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the certificate that im referring to is that one generated just because i have a user license on Microsoft office apps
acually i didnt mean azure-webapps, its accidently posted on this tag.

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@48972840 As your issue is not related to SharePoint online, I will remove sharepoint-online tag.

If I misunderstand your meaning, please feel free to reply.

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@48972840, Thanks for sharing additional info. For a specialized assistance on this issue, you may just repost the question on Office 365 group -to receive insights from the targetted audience.

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