find keyword in Event log,if found, search for 2nd keyword within a timeframe

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I am creating a problem to try and make my life a little easier.
Occasionally, I am asked to locate a keyword within a machines (application) Event log, and I then need to look (approx) 2 minutes after this is located to see if another keyword is there.

I can do the keyword searches, but I am having an issue with the timeframe . it seems to the searching the event logs from the originally specified time, and not up to the 2nd specified time ( ie: it's searching till the most recent log entry, not just the 1st keyword time stamp + 120seconds).

I have tried to reduce the time windows to 60 seconds, but I still get the same amount of results back (4, in my test scenario, when I should only get 2).

I'm sure I have made a mistake with the < > code, but am having trouble seeing what I have done incorrectly.

Could someone point out what tI have done wrong ?

           string log = "Application";
            EventLog demoLog = new EventLog(log);
            EventLogEntryCollection entries = demoLog.Entries;
            foreach (EventLogEntry entry in entries.Cast<EventLogEntry>())
                if (entry.Message.Contains(_keyword))
                    richTextBox1.AppendText("Date: " + entry.TimeGenerated + Environment.NewLine);
                    richTextBox1.AppendText("--------------------------------" + Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine);
                    richTextBox1.AppendText(entry.Message + Environment.NewLine);
                    richTextBox1.AppendText(Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine);

 ----> this line        foreach (EventLogEntry entry2 in entries.Cast<EventLogEntry>().Where(e => entry.TimeGenerated <= entry.TimeGenerated.AddSeconds(60)))
                        if (entry2.Message.Contains("Failed to insert"))
                            richTextBox1.AppendText("Date: " + entry2.TimeGenerated + Environment.NewLine);
                            richTextBox1.AppendText("--------------------------------" + Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine);
                            richTextBox1.AppendText(entry2.Message + Environment.NewLine);
                            richTextBox1.AppendText(Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine);

Thank you in advance

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    Consider this condition:

    ...Where( e => e.TimeGenerated > entry.TimeGenerated && e.TimeGenerated <= entry.TimeGenerated.AddSeconds(120)) 

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