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Problem with upload UWP App in Microsoft Store

Hi, I am developing an UWP App and when I uploaded it to the Microsoft Store, in the certification process, it sent me a failure report, corresponding to the winspool.drv file. My application is already uploaded in the Store and now what I was doing was updating it. I attach an image of the error that is returning me. I would like to know if there is any way to solve this problem. This .dvr file is being used in an external library that I use to print on 142751-image.pngthermal printers through USB, since the libraries offered by Microsoft for this type of printing are not compatible for USB devices.

I appreciate any answer that you can help me with, even if you know what this file is for.

Thank you so much

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Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

The issue is not complicated, the third-party library that you are using contains the APIs that are not allowed to use in Microsoft Store. Because it is a third-party library, so it is out of the scope of Microsoft Q&A. Our suggestion is that you might need to contact the author of that third-party library to see if the author could modify his code and only use APIs that are allowed in Microsoft Store.

Thank you.

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I understand this. The problem is that Microsoft not offered any library to print it in thermal printers on USB devices. How can I resolve my problem?

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If you want to upload your app to the store, then you must use APIs that are allowed to use in Microsoft Store. You could try to take a look at desktop APIs and then package it via Desktop bridge, Then upload the desktop bridge app to the store.

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The library that I use is open source. Then I can fork the repository and modify. But I need to understand what's the problem on this file that is located in the folder: windows/system32. I want to understand why it is not supported on Microsoft Store.

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I have to say that not all APIs from win32 will be allowed to use in UWP when uploading to Microsoft Store. I can't tell exactly why these APIs are not allowed, but a common reason is that these APIs could do things beyond the Store Policy.

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Let me recap and explain my problem from scratch:
I am developing an App for Windows Store that I need to print via POS printer via USB. According to the examples I see, and according to the documentation, USB printers would not be supported in UWP. If this is the case, how do I make my App connect to a POS printer via USB?
1) Using the UWP examples on POS Printers, it is not possible.
2) Using 3rd party libraries, we managed to do it but they don't accept it in the Store.
So, I ask again: How do I get my App to print through POS Printer via USB?


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First, I'll suggest you take a look at UWP app for a USB device. This document is about how to communicate with a USB device from a UWP app. If you are still not able to use the USB printer, you might consider making a win32 exe and launching that .exe file from your UWP app with desktop bridge.

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