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Can't find users to sync

I'm trying to connect our Azure AD on premise with Azure AD in the cloud. I downloaded the Azure AD Connect Cloud provision agent and installed it on our server(2012). The agent's health is active and running.
When trying to configure a sync for our local domain I am confronted with a couple of steps to configure. Scope, Manage attributes, Validate, Settings and Deploy.

I chose All users in Scope
I have tried many things with the attributes (even deleting all of them)
and I can't get any users to show up under the validate section.

This is the first time I'm working with Azure AD and no documentation I've found so far is pointing me in the right direction or making me any wiser about where the problems is.

Where does the validate section look for users? in Azure AD on premise? or in my Office 365 users list?
Do I have to enable something to get the users to show up?

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Could you please share a screenshot of the behavior you are seeing? Which version of Azure AD Connect are you using?

The on-premises users will always be the source of truth for the validation, so you won't have to query cloud users.

I'm not sure which type of authentication you are trying to use, but when you select "All users", it shouldn't show the users within the wizard itself.

I wrote this post a while ago about configuring pass-through in the Azure AD Connect wizard. Some of the screenshots aren't up-to-date but it will show the expected screens.

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Here's a screenshot of the screen I mean. When I select "Provision a user" I can't find any users in our AD on premise.
I'm using the latest version of Azure AD Connect Cloud.
Azure AD Connect wasn't available for 2012 servers

The post you made is not about azure active directory cloud sync I believe.

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Thank for clarifying. Which guide are you following for this?

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