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365 IMAP and Zoho CRM


I am trying to integrate my 365 email with Zoho CRM. After working with them on the issue, I have set up an APP Password and still no luck. They are pointing the finger to being a Microsoft issue. Below is their message as to what to ask Microsoft and a screen shot of connectivity test they had me do.

Thanks for any help!

Kindly reach to Microsoft support and explain to them that you had an issue with integrating emails with Zoho CRM and "Zoho support team helped to find the issue which should be sorted by Microsoft support".


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@ChrisDRxE-2670, From your description, we find the issue is related to Office 365, I would remove the tag of "windows-365-business", which represents windows 365 cloud PC. And add "office-exchange-hybrid-itpro" tag to help you get correct support.

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Hi @ChrisDRxE-2670

Have you checked that IMAP protocol is enabled for your user?
Enable or Disable POP3 or IMAP4 access for a user in Exchange Online

In addition, I saw a related thread discussed the similar error as yours here: Single user cant use IMAP
Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

I found a work around. For it to work properly you need to use an App Password. That ended up solving it for my users.

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Thank you both...

IMAP protocol is enabled and we are trying to use the App Password, as Zoho requires one to bypass the TFA/MFA on 365.

Using the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer for IMAP, there is two settings:

Modern authentication (OAuth) - this works fine

Basic authentication - Zoho says this needs to work to connect - this is the one failing and the screen shot from the 1st post. We've tried the normal password and App Password, even created new App Passwords to confirm we have the correct info. No luck, we cannot get it to work.

Here is a link from Zoho on how to set it up:

Another odd thing happening to the account is if you clink the link under "For an Outlook Account" and try to login into mircosoft to create the App Password it says:

"That Microsoft account doesn't exist. Enter a different account or get a new one."

Not sure what would cause that? The user/microsoft account does exist, no allias have ever been made for it?


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For security reasons, Basic Authentication is superseded by Modern Authentication (based on OAuth 2.0). Customers are encouraged to move to apps that support Modern Authentication prior to the removal of Basic Authentication.
Here is the officiall document: UPDATE: Exchange Online deprecating Basic Authentication (Basic Auth)

And note that, Microsoft will not be disabling Basic Auth for any protocols that your tenant is using.

In addition, outlook account which may means account or other hotmail account...

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