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Authorization Code grant flow with custom policy : seeding persisted / previously issued claims in Refresh Token user journey

We have defined Azure AD B2C custom policy for authentication using OIDC Authorization Code grant flow and have several custom claims that are persisted to user session.

We also defined custom Refresh Token User Journey and are attempting to seed the User Journey with previous claims.

We added orchestration step to invoke DefaultSSOSessionProvider technical profile.
This orchestration step fails with runtime error as following:
"Message": "Unable to cast object of type 'Web.TPEngine.SSO.DefaultSSOSessionProvider' to type 'Web.TPEngine.Providers.IProtocolProvider'."

Also adding element PreserveOriginalAssertion with value true to the refresh token user journey seems to have no effect - i.e. claims from previously issued id token are not added to claims bag.
We are referring to ROPC flow refresh token custom policy documentation.

Please suggest possible approaches or workarounds that we may adopt to implement this requirement.

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