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I have a question about WACK Test...


I submitted wpf app to the Microsoft store a few days ago, but I got a question about WACK Test.
In the process of WACK test, result of the test says that it failed at Package sanity test. I tried to figure out what is error in my app but I didn’t find out.

So I created two apps for the test. One is .net 5.0 based, and the other is .net framework 4.8 based.
Each app was automatically generated in the VS 2019. No code or no NuGet package added.
Then, I performed WACK Test on both apps. I expected WACK Test result in same error message on both apps. but the WACK test shows different results.
WACK test passed .net framework 4.8 based app but didn’t pass .net 5.0 based app.

I want you to check this out and let me know why.
If you need additional evidence, please let me know. I'll send it to you ASAP.



FYI> I emailed this to customer support and .net native team. but they suggested me to post this here.

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If you are testing with the local WACK tool, I'd suggest you upload your app to the store for the online WACK test and check that result.

If you are getting the failed report about the Package sanity test from the online WACK test, you could check this document - Package Sanity tests which already lists all the tests and Corrective Action.

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