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Switching to an RDS farm in different subnets.

Hi everybody. There is a remote desktop service in the domain with the server srv-rds.snp.local. OS WinSrv 2019 Std, in the subnet of one of the offices. For load balancing and fault tolerance, it was decided to create a second RDSH node with the organization of a fault-tolerant RD Connection Broker farm based on NLB.

RD Connection Broker uses a shared instance of SQL Server to store session databases. Or there is an option for a simpler deployment of HA RDCB, without SQL cluster, or in SQL Express mode?

The second RDSH host will be located in the data center and in a different subnet. That is, the RDS farm will consist of two RDSH hosts located in different subnets and in the same domain.
I would like to put the farm into operation as transparently as possible for end users, that is, for example, use the same name for the RDS farm that the original srv server currently uses-rds.snp.local. Since users have already configured the hostname srv-rds.snp.local on their office and remote PCs, laptops, as well as MAC devices.
Question: is it possible to do this without using a new cluster name in NLB, or is it impossible. Maybe there is another way?

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