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Validating HTTPS certificate

Hi All,
We currently have a WPF application built on .Net framework 4.7. This application acts as an HTTPS client. We need to validate the below parameters against a valid Https certificate:

  • The signature

  • The stored certificates

  • The validity against Certificate Revocation List (CRL)

  • The validity date

  • The IP address checking on Subject Alternative Name

Can anyone please help me in validating these specific parameters alone.

Any help is appreciated!!
Thank you!!

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@SAbijith-9493, for the signature Validating, you can refer to the link C# Validate Signature. For the date, you could have a look about Check SSL-Certifacte expiration date without authorization. Currently I only find the two parameters. You could try the code to see if it can be validated successfully. I will go on searching other specific parameters.

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