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FSlogix App Masking Ignoring Rules Assignment

I've created an app masking rule with the rule assignment to hide Visio for everyone except for members of an AD group for licensed Visio users.
If I tick the apply rules to system I can toggle the rule on and off and looks like it's working successfully.
I made sure the apply rules to system is unticked when applying the app masking ruleset to the Citrix gold image.
When I log on with a Citrix session as a user with AD membership of the Visio license group the app is hidden when it should be visible.
The app masking is always hiding Visio and is ignoring the AD membership.
I have tested the AD reporting in FSLogix app masking and can see that the ruleset does not apply for members of the AD Visio license group (so should not hide Visio). But on the Citrix image the Visio app is hidden.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!

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