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Using std::format in VS2019; gives error saying I need to use /std:c++latest

Hi, everyone at the MSDN Forums.

My issue is as I said in the title: Whenever I try to use std::format in my code when using the /std:c++20 compiler switch, it gives me a compiler error saying that std::format requires /std:c++latest with Concepts support. I read on the Microsoft site that support for std::format under /std:c++20 is already complete in version 16.11. Mine is 16.11.5. So why do I have this error?
Here's one piece of code I tried:

 // Osman Zakir
 // 10 / 25 / 2021
 // Beginning C++20: From Novice to Professional
 // Chapter 2 Exercises 4 and 5
 // Exercise 4 Specs:
  * your body mass index (BMI) is your weight, w, in kilograms divided by the square
  * of your height, h, in meters ( w/(h*h) ). Write a program to calculate the BMI from a weight
  * entered in pounds and a height entered in feet and inches. A kilogram is 2.2 pounds, and a foot
  * is 0.3048 meters.
 // Exercise 5 Specs:
  * Knowing your BMI with a precision higher than one decimal digit after the
  * decimal point is, well, pointless. Adjust the program of exercise 2-4 accordingly.
 import <iostream>;
 import <format>;
 import <cmath>;
 int main()
  std::cout << "Enter weight in pounds and height in feet and inches: ";
  double w{};
  double h{};
  std::cin >> w >> h;
  std::cin.ignore(32767, '\n');
  constexpr double lbs_to_kg{ 2.2046 };
  constexpr double ft_to_meters{ 0.3048 };
  const double w_kg{ w / lbs_to_kg };
  const double h_meters{ h * ft_to_meters };
  const double bmi{ w_kg / std::pow(h_meters, 2) };
  std::cout << std::format("Your BMI is {:.1f}kg/m2\n", bmi);

Compiler Command Line:

/JMC /permissive- /MP /ifcOutput "Debug\" /GS /analyze- /W3 /Zc:wchar_t /ZI /Gm- /Od /sdl /Fd"Debug\vc142.pdb" /Zc:inline /fp:precise /D "WIN32" /D "_DEBUG" /D "_CONSOLE" /D "_UNICODE" /D "UNICODE" /errorReport:prompt /WX- /Zc:forScope /RTC1 /Gd /Oy- /MDd /std:c++latest /FC /Fa"Debug\" /EHsc /nologo /Fo"Debug\" /Fp"Debug\chapter2ex4.pch" /diagnostics:column

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi @OsmanZakir-9751,

Could you please share the document you are reading? C++20 added a new text formatting facility. Please read this document carefully. The document states

To start using <format> you just need to be using Visual Studio 2019 version 16.10 or later and you need to be compiling with / std:c++latest.

Regarding your question, you could find the answer here.

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I was looking at this page. I may have misunderstood something, though. Sorry about that.

And those StackOverflow answers are old now. since VS2019 supports std::format since version 16.10 was released.

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Hi @OsmanZakir-9751,

It is inevitable that you will encounter problems during the learning process. I look forward to your coming to the Q&A platform to ask questions again.

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Read this document In particular, refer to note 20abi which pertains to <format>

20abi Because of ongoing post-release work on the C++20 standard, <format>, the formatting parts of <chrono> (which rely on <format>), and the range factories and range adaptors from <ranges> (everything that needs the view concept) are only available under /std:c++latest. We'll make these features available under /std:c++20 after reaching agreement with WG21 that no further ABI-breaking changes are necessary. The remaining parts of <chrono> and the algorithms that apply to ranges are enabled under the /std:c++20 compiler option starting in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.11.

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Thanks. That's helpful.

Where did my other comments go, like the where I said it already runs as expected for me with /std:c++latest and import <format>;?

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Your previous comments are below the answer posted by @YujianYao-MSFT

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Hi @OsmanZakir-9751,

I set the C++ Language Standard to /std:c++ latest, and replace import with #include, the program runs as expected, you could refer to my method to modify your code, if you still get errors, you could report the problem to Developer Community.



Best regards,


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Mine runs as expected even with the import statement if I use the /std:c++latest switch, though. I just wanted to know why it doesn't work with /std:c++20 even though support for std::format is reportedly complete in the version of the compiler I'm using.

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Hi @OsmanZakir-9751,

/std:c++latest and /std:c++20 are not exactly the same, std::format can only be used under /std:c++latest, please refer to this link for details.

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I know they're not the same. /std:c++latest is for preview. I don't think you guys understand my question. I'm trying to ask why it only works in preview mode when according to the page that talks about how much of the C++20 standard is currently supported by MSVC support for std::format is already complete under /std:c++20.

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