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RDS 2019 Local Appdata issues

So we have an annoying problem.. We are using one RDS 2019 Gateway / Broker server that hosts a RDS Session Collection. We have 6 load-balanced RDS Windows 2019 session hosts that users connect to. Currently we use Roaming Profiles combined with Folder Redirection. After a user logs off the Roaming Profile gets removed from the RDS host to keep everything clean. So far this works great.

Now the issue:

We use Office365 for email and other Office365 desktop apps. When you first logon the Office365 apps ask you for credentials etc (popup screen with company logo etc.) You enter the credentials and everything works after that. We can see that most of these settings and config files are stored in Local and LocalLow in AppData. These Local and LocalLow are not part of the Roaming Profile and they are also not part of Redirected Folders AppData if you chose to enable that. This means that the Office365 settings for every user gets deleted after logging off. You log back in and you will have to re-setup your Office365 apps including Outlook every time.

If we would chose to leave the profile on the RDS host (so not remove the profile at log off) then we have the issue that every user has 6 different Local and LocalLow folders that remain present on all 6 RDS hosts. If you would change your Office365 password you will have to update all the settings for every RDS session host. A user cannot select what server to use, this is done by the load-balancer. So multiple times a week, all sort of settings are not synced between session hosts because these setting don't roam with the user.

We have tried out RDS Profile Disks to include all AppData , but just like we experienced before in Server 2012 and Server 2016 we still run into issues with RDS Profile Disks being locked when a user logs off and after that getting a temp profile. This has been a nightmare ever since RDS Profile Disks were released, there are hundreds of topics, none of them had a solution for us that worked, it's a common problem it seems.

Any tips on what would be best to try out it our situation? Any other tricks to roam Local data somehow?

Note that if you setup a traditional on-premise Exchange outlook profile, all settings are saved in a different way it seems. That means even though we remove the profiles at log off, all settings are saved in the Roaming Profile. It looks like only the Office365 apps, like Outlook or Word from Office 365 desktop apps save things in Local and LocalLow and that seems to be a problem we cannot do anything about.

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Hi @Caspar-3353,
Since the tag office-itpro focuses on general issues about Office desktop applications, I will remove it.
And I would sugget that you refer to mschiavon's suggestion to check this issue.
Besides, if you have any issues about Outlook and Exhcange, you can post a new question with tag office-outlook-itpro in this forum.
Thanks for your understanding.

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You have to use FXLogic. This resolve any issue.
This is a simple guide made by me.


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Thank you for the tip. We did look into FXLogix but never really used it. We tested this out yesterday and this indeed seems to solve all the issues. It works way better than the default RDS Profile Disks that Microsoft has by default. Great tool and lots of options to configure and finetune. Very helpful

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