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Setting SACL powershell or GPO

Im trying to set SACL on a set of folders (server 2016) and the HKLM reg key. Overwtirtting what is currently there(which is currently nothing set).
I first tried with GPO but the the DACL pemissions got overwritten. I've seen articles on modifying the inf file but the missing pemissions from the deault GPO permissions are not easy to set up in the infi file. Setting to inherit then had multiple DACL persmissions applied - those DACLs set in the GPO plus those pulled from parent. The SACLs though were set as I wanted (although liek my issue with powersell didnt get applied to sub folders and files).

The folders we want to set SACL on are system32 and syswow64 (plus some others) with change permission for success and full control for failure.
I've tried powershell with samples I've found. This worked well

$folder1 = "folder path"

$SuccessAudit = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAuditRule(
"ContainerInherit, ObjectInherit", ##as want applied to this folder, folders and files
"None", #using settings here made no differenace to the SACL being applied to sub folders or files
$FailureAudit = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAuditRule(
"ContainerInherit, ObjectInherit",
if (Test-Path -path $folder1) {
$Acl = Get-Acl $folder1
$Acl | Set-Acl

However, this only sets on folder1 and doesnt propagrate the SACLs down to the sub folders and files.
How can this be achieved? - I can't see to find examples of this.

I've seen articles pointing to
for code examples but when I go there I'm unsure of where I'm looking. Serach powershell doesn't seem to give the exampels I was hoping for.

Also futher issues might be to rollback. How to unset the SACLs on folder1 and then the subfodlers and files
And I've also seen articles where the above code may not work if the folder owner is TrustedInstaller (which it will be for some of the folders).
So any ways to solves these as well

Is Powershell the best way for me to go or is there an alteratiove to this and to GPO ?

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Sorry - this was the link I saw for the code that might work - but it takes me to main page

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Hello @FreemanMark-5781,

Thank you for your question and for getting in touch. My name is Samuel and I would be more than happy to help you with your query.

Sometimes, during setup, we missed some things that we didn't notice, so I recommend you check the link below to get a sense of how to do this, using a topic for a problem similar to yours: and-shares-on-servers?forum=winserverGP

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Many thanks - the problem seems to be When I get-acl for the top level folder in question - I can set some success anf failuer SACLs. But the set-acl on that folder breaks the inheritance on that folder (set is to disabled) for autiding which on top level isnt an issue as there are no SACLs to inherit.
Hoewever it seems to set all child object (folders and files) to inheritance disabled and the SACLs are not picked up from top folder. I've tried get-childitem and for each settign the inheritance rules to $false, $true and have tried $false $false. Im sure this worked once but on subsequent tests I cand get it to work.
Im only settign aufit rules and not touching access.
in some other tests get-acl with the -audit seemed to sort of work but it then force the access rules on all children.

SO to simplify I'm truing to set audit permissions on a folder and thabe those auits permissions be inherited by al lsub folders and files

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