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SMTP AUTH client submission error

We use SMTP AUTH client submission to send emails from our application, some emails are not sent with an error "Failure to send email" is there anyway i can retry sending of email messages which have failed.

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According to your description, I have 2 questions as following. Thanks for your understanding.
Are you using Exchange online?
Besides, do you refer to the steps in article "How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Microsoft 365 or Office 365" to set your application for sending emails?

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@emilyhua-msft Thank you for your responce.
We are using Microsoft 365 cloud email service for email. also we have configured sending email as per the article you mentioned and the emails send just fine.

the issue is some mails are not sent with an error "failure to send email" . these emails now do not get sent and are dropped. i would like to configure some sort of queue where failed message are tried and resent after a short duration.

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Thanks for your explanation,
To better help you, I would modify the tag related to Exchange online. Thanks for your understanding.

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Hi @WilliamDias-3534

I think the point here is to figure out why the message was rejected.
Was it rejected by Exchange Online or by the recipient?

Can you get some more detailed information in the application?

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