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Touchscreen Monitors - Keep click but stop zoom

I was hoping Win 11 would help this, but that is not the case. In our volunteer run Museum we have public facing touchscreens monitors running visitor driven slide to slide links based on different hot areas in historic maps for example.

All the code is just massive PowerPoint files with internal links and external links to video content, but it works well and is easy for volunteers to maintain.

We have to disable the touchscreens though, as there appears no way to stop pinch zoom, which if the visitor accidentally triggers, then the underlying PowerPoint stops reacting to clicks, and the screen is left frozen. We thus have to use a mouse, which has everything except left click disabled, and that works well and is robust to kids playing.

Is there anyway to preserve the touchscreen mouse click functionality while disabling any screen zoom resolution. Note these are external touch screen monitors, such as Dell P2418HT (Cost us a lot !) so very dissapointing we cannot use them as intended. Is theer any registry control over screen zooming ? Windows 11 touchpad controls are excellent, but for external touch monitors you only have access to control over three and four finger complex gestures, with no control over the most basic gestures.

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Pease refer to JohnKorchok's suggestion, contact Dell support to confirm whether you could disable the point zoom function of the touchscreen.
Thanks for your understanding.

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This is not an issue the vendors of touchscreens have any control over. They all follow the Microsoft hardware guidelines for touchscreens, and all are using the standard Microsoft windows default touchscreen driver. We have touchscreens from multiple vendors and all have the same issue. If Microsoft used the same driver apprach as is used for the non vendor specific touchpad control, this issue would be solved.

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