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kinect: Precompiled library to create ply files

Dear Microsoft,

I do struggle since a few days to create a function for kinect to snapshot a stream and export it as a ply file.

Reasons of struggle:
- integration of k4a - dlls do often fail in example applications
- compiling with cmake provides a lot of issues not connected to kinect itself, but to cmake and Windows
- functionality is just missing in the provided example code delivered with the SDK

I would be happy, if somebody could provide me a sample application (precompiled or at least with the ability to be compiled without any issues) , which is able to stream the vision output of the cam with a button to save snapshots as ply files.

regards, andi

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@andi-1949 Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum!

Did you check the Azure Kinect Transformation Example already?

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Hi @AshokPeddakotla-MSFT ,

thanks. Yes I tried, but for one thing I had no success in compiling the whole example library, there were always problems with integrating the k4a.dll's
I tried a lot of stuff from github, at the end only some c code worked. Now I started to combine knowHow from the examples with working c code (where the k4a.dlls do work).
So you got no ready to use code?, maybe you might help me with the code: The objects from the camera I could grab, I could define depth images, but...

//k4a_image_get_width_pixels(depth_image) 3 (int)sizeof(uint16_t),
k4a_image_get_width_pixels(depth_image) 3 (int)sizeof(uint16_t),
printf("failed to create initial image...\n");
k4a_result_t transf_result = k4a_transformation_depth_image_to_point_cloud(ply_transformation, depth_image, CALIBRATION_TYPE, ply_image);

later on:

 k4a_float3_t* point_cloud_data = (k4a_float3_t*)(void*)k4a_image_get_buffer(point_cloud);

 for (int i = 0; i < width*height; i++)

in the last loop it crashes because of access violation. But I do not understand why?

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