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Bing Ads API Python Offline Revenue Conversion upload error

We are not able to upload the offline revenue conversion with one of our accounts. This is what I am getting in the response back:

suds.WebFault: Server raised fault: 'Invalid client data. Check the SOAP fault details for more information.

It appears that we are getting an invalid account_id when I check the log details.

<ErrorCode>InvalidAccountId</ErrorCode><Message>The account ID is invalid.</Message>

However, we have still been able to download the keyword and ad performance reports for this account to track impressions, clicks, spend, etc., so it’s a little perplexing that it works for downloading the reports but not uploading the conversions.

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For the moment I suggest putting aside the Reporting API experience. The account ID header might be ignored in this case, since the account campaign, and ad group IDs can be set in the report request body. For the offline conversions operation, please double check the account ID and contact support as needed to investigate.

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