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Getting call recording using Team API

We are using AppId : 9f5ffd3b-d1f1-4a2e-9fc1-63159aeb445c

I have added these as user scopes Chat.Read,offline_access,User.Read,Calendars.Read,Directory.Read.All,Team.ReadBasic.All,Group.Read.All,ChannelMessage.Read.All
and also added them in the registered apps as admin scopes.

added subscriptions to${userId}/events{channelId}/messages

Whenever we update, create, delete calendar meeting , we get the event notification.
We don't get any notifications when the meeting started, but we get the notification when the chat message added.
When we create a new scheduled meeting from teams, it sends calendar event and also chat message event.
We started the meeting and added recording , no notification was received here.
We noticed that after ending the meeting and once the recording is saved, chat message section of the meeting has the recording url and if we use the message replies api we can get the url too.
When we end the meeting chat message got updated saying " recoding is being saved", then we got the notification. Not sure at that time we will have the recording url in the message. Can you please confirm?
getAllMesssage is admin level scope, we tied to use the same token appoved by the user, but got an error stating we can't use usertoken. not sure we need this getAllMesssage or just channels/messages notification is enough.

Currently seeing this error: Forbidden; Reason: Subscription operations for tenant-wide channel messages is not allowed in 'OnBehalfOfUser

Not sure if the admin level token is different than the user level (one is provided by user, another is by admin)

one of the chatt message reply had
"eventDetail": {
"@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.callRecordingEventMessageDetail",
"callId": "3e14eea2-096f-4d66-956b-1a21c4762407",
"callRecordingDisplayName": "test5-20211020_040543-Meeting Recording.mp4",
"callRecordingUrl": "$value",
"callRecordingDuration": "PT15.32S",

Also we are seeing that:, not return anything

But we get a return from
(Getting a response from the beta version and not the v1.0 version)

Can you please help us with identifying these issues?

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As we are mainly responsible for general question of Microsoft Teams, your question related to API is not supported by us. I will add office-teams-app-dev tag for this thread. Someone checking this tag will offer more assistance. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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