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Data loss while received from serialport.

On sending the NC data from richTextBox using serialport including ASCII header and footer code. Data is received to the receiver but only a single word is missing in the middle line of received data.

data send
data received

here X is loss from the received data.if i send 40 lines of data it will works fine, on exceeding the line number this error will occur .is it a hardware or application error??
please help.

data is send from pc to CNC machine
serialPort->Write(header + "\x25" + "\x0A" + "O00000010" + "\x0A" + " " + "\x0A" + "(from pc) " + "\x0A" + txt /+ txt1 + txt /+ "\x0A" + "\x25" + footer);

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@deneshneupane-5739, how do you send the data to the CNC machine? Please check if you lost the bytes when you send the data. The problem Problem Serial Port bytes missing with write method may be similar to your problem, you could have a look to see if it is useful for you.

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